How to post employment vacancies to students on Kloodle

How to Post Employment Vacancies to Your Students


As a college, you will no doubt receive requests from local employers to advertise their vacancies to your students. These adverts may well have found themselves to students’ emails, linked on Moodle, or posted to a file or wall in paper format. Kloodle allows you to post these employment vacancies to your college profile, allowing your students to apply using the Kloodle profile they are creating in lessons. Here’s how.

1. Log in to your Kloodle profile at

– Click login

– Enter your details. If you do not know your username and password, consult your college admin, or contact us.

kloodle colleges dashboard

2. Click on “Add Job” in your profile’s menu

– This will take you to the add job page.

Kloodle profile menu

3. Fill in the vacancy details

– The details are generic job description, salary, qualification requirements etc. It may be worth ringing the employer and taking them through the fields on the form so you have all the information you need.

kloodle add job form

4. Fill in the apply URL, or leave blank

– Your employer may want to receive applicants through their own channels. If this is the case, you can fill in the “Apply URL” box with the web address of the employer.

– If you leave this box blank, your students will be able to click “apply”, and use their Kloodle profile to do so.

kloodle apply url

5. Click onto your profile, and click opportunities.

– Your vacancy will be listed here

kloodle opportunities

6. Click “View Applicants” to get a list of the applicants to the vacancy

– Your applicants will be listed here. By clicking on the names, you will be linked to the applicant’s Kloodle profile.

kloodle applicants

7. The employer will then receive an email stating the applications they have received

– Once a student applies, the employer will receive an email notification about that application. They will then be able to view the students’ profiles and interact with the student using Kloodle.

8. A student can share their profile by including their URL

– If the employer has asked for a CV, the student should include their Kloodle profile URL to that CV. They should then ask the employer to view their Kloodle profile. This should be brimming with dynamic content and further information that will enable a student to market to a potential employer.

kloodle profile url


– Students can only apply for a vacancy once their profile has been unlocked by a tutor. It is important that, if a student sees a vacancy they are suitable for, they have asked their tutor to be unlocked. They are unable to apply with a locked profile.

If you have any further questions, please ask away in the comments section below.

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