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Making your business work for you – Guest Blog – Professor Chris Kemp

 – Professor Chris Kemp


I have always found that the best way to market myself is through relationships with other people. If you take the stance of “what can I do for you” rather than “what can I get out of this” it opens up new doors for you. By building friendships, sharing contacts and being very honest the world of business opens up to you.


In just over a year of starting my own company I have not has to use any of the traditional marketing pathways. By using social media to promote, helping others and by using networks such as […]

The Question on Everybody’s Lips – How Do You Make Facebook an Effective Tool for a Small Business?


Social Media is all pervading. It has taken over the way we manage friendships (how do you arrange to meet up without Facebook again?), the way we document our lives (just nipping to the Chemist to buy a Kodak film for my Camera and getting the old film developed – said no one for the past 10 years…) and how we spend our time (if you are ever at a rock concert, look around the crowd and see how many mobiles are lit up….).

At Kloodle, we realise the power of social media. Or well, we have realised the power of […]

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