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Time to look past the chips and gravy and give more graduates from the North a go.


Katie Jamieson details her frustration as a graduate looking for employment before a PR company took notice of her blog and gave her a chance…

Upon my graduation from Lancaster University in 2010 I returned the rented accommodation,library books and mortar board intact, but the 2:1 and the pocketful of dreams were mine for keeping. Everything was packed into storage and I headed home for Manchester. Despite the comedown from The Best Three Years Of Your Life, I was keen to enter full time employment, but needed to start looking, like most of my friends. In fact, there was only a […]

Kloodle talks to the NHS Leadership Academy


The interview with the NHS Leadership Academy, begins with some straight forward advice to any graduate or undergraduate who is planning on visiting a future grad fair, especially those with a view to speaking with the NHS representitives. Do your homework first, look into why the scheme has evolved and how. – Like most graduate positions, going the mile is not only key but is becoming a requirement. They touch on the application process and its competitive nature. – Know why you want to work for the NHS and have a clear idea about your own values, principles and […]

Kloodle interviews Majestic at Manchester Graduate Fair

Here Majestic talk about why graduates should want to work for the UK’s largest wine retailer. They typically appoint graduates in trainee management roles, with the view to becoming a fully fledged manager within about 2 years. Entrepreneurial skills therefore are high on their agenda, they look for people who want to be proactive in developing their own skills constantly. Clearly someone who has acheived well at University will be favourably thought of but majestic appreciate what you have done outside of study can be equally as relevant or impressive. You may have got involved in sports, working in a bar, working in retail, all […]

Want to Study Automotive Engineering? Head to University of Bolton


Kloodle is delighted to have developed links with Bolton University, and as a result of this, we were invited to a Saturday morning careers event designed to attract future Automotive Engineers – the guys who will win future Grand Prix for the drivers with their engineering wizardry and technical knowhow.

The more we see Bolton University, the more we are impressed. The forward-thinking nature of the university and the pipelines they have built with industry make the university everything an institution hell bent on preparing it’s students for work should be. The facilities we have seen, both sporting and engineering in […]

The age of evolving skills.

The 21st century is the age of evolving skills. Technology has put it’s foot firmly on the accelerator, and as a result change to our economic practices and lifestyles happens all the quicker. The result of this is that jobs and careers become obsolete at an alarming rate. You are no longer able to box yourself off in a particular profession for life – you have to keep evolving, progressing and improving. In short, you have to be an advocate of life-long learning. You have to continually acquire skills and demonstrate these skills to potential employees.

How do you know which […]

Kevin Pietersen and the art of teamwork.

The week in sport has been punctuated by the stark ending of Kevin Pietersen’s England cricket career. This has caused no end of controversy, as he is ENgland’s premier batsman and has been a box office player for nigh on a decade. At 33, he is hardly old: There has been a number of batsmen who have scored significant runs post-33, including Graham Gooch, who added a further 5,000+ runs to his career aggregate after this age.

Why then have England taken the decision then to relinquish such a player of his duties, when he could be coming into the prime […]

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