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How David Moyes can get his next job after getting sacked

It was the manner of the defeat more than anything.

A striker considered brilliant enough to pay £300k a week, a striker who only last year was hailed as the “one man in a one man team”, and a heafty bulk of the England squad, for a team lavished with such riches, Manchester United made an “easy” draw look like a tie against Pele’s Brazil.

Olympiakos are a name synonymous with European mediocrity. Often the whipping boys in group stages, and stranger to the knockout stages as Justin Bieber is to shaving, this should have been a free pass to the quarters. […]

Kloodle TV – First Show Review

So the dust has settled on our first attempt of Kloodle Television – how did we do?

In our opinion, we didn’t do half bad actually. The first show was an attempt to get across the importance of having a platform like kloodle and how CVs will become obsolete as technology impinges on our lives more and more. We think we got across that point well.

The job market today is like at no other time in history. The skills required by today’s work force is changing at a rate never before seen. In order to stay ahead of the game, you […]

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