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Tips on Marketing Your College Using Kloodle

With so many different choices available to them, competition for young people, amongst FE providers and sixth forms,  is intense. In order to get these young people through your college’s door, you have to get across the message that an individual can succeed, whatever their aspiration.

You can test the ideas outlined in this post by trialling Kloodle, for free, with a cohort of 30 students. To get started, click below.

Social media has changed the way people make purchasing decisions. Selecting a college course is essentially a purchasing decision for a young person, as they have to weigh up […]

How Your Students Can Keep a Work Experience Diary Using Kloodle

Work experience at colleges can be a messy affair. The administration efforts required are superhuman. Arranging placements for students, ensuring health and safety, liaising with the employer and managing the student’s time are all headaches that make the process difficult. Also, you have to ensure the student actually gets something out of the process.

Work experience should be adding value to a student’s CV; which is difficult to measure. One tried and tested method is the work experience journal. This can, however, create more administrative headaches, as it is often paper based, messy and inconsistent in participation.

Kloodle allows students to keep a better […]

Ahead of the Curve – St John Rigby College

You can get a feel for how good an organisation is by the persona of its staff. Some places leave you feeling sapped of energy, as staff appear glum; an open window to the soul of their organisation. In other places, it is clear that staff care. They are there to make a difference. They go the extra mile and invest in the work they do. St John Rigby College is one such place.

We had the pleasure of attending their recent open evening. Prospective students got the opportunity to look around the college and see the wonderful things they could experience […]

30 Blog Posts Your Students Should Write to Evidence Employability Skills

Blogging is a great way for your students to evidence their employability skills. A blog allows your student to showcase the activities they are undertaking whilst at college, and how these activities enhance their employability skills.

It is sometimes a challenge to help students realise that extra-curricular activities are a great way of evidencing employability skills, let alone that blogging about these activities is an effective way to market themselves to university or employers. This post is designed to provide you with some ideas to give your students that will help them create an effective employability blog.

1) How playing (Insert sport) […]

How to Speed Up Writing UCAS References With Kloodle

Writing UCAS references is a slog. Ask a teacher. The sheer number of students the average personal tutor writes for makes the task burdensome, if not downright problematic. Writing 47 lines about an individual student is hard work. Sometimes, it is made easier by knowing a pupil particularly well; but other times it is an uphill struggle. Composing 4.7 lines, let alone 47 can be hard, especially when, as a child you were told, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

The students who are less well known to us extra-curricular present the greatest problems. UCAS references are at their […]

PwC Remove A-Level Requirement for Graduate Jobs

I graduated aged 26. My A Levels, a distant 8 years previous, were a black mark on my CV. I thought, however, my First Class Chemistry degree and raft of extra-curricular activities would more than make up for a set of grades that no longer represented the person I was. Turns out, as with the majority of my A Level exam questions, I was wrong.

Like any good student, I spent my second and third year at university searching for graduate opportunities. I was passionate about chemistry, but had a young family to support, so the PhD route was out of […]

Google Your Way to a GCSE – Smartphones in Exams?

One of my favourite scenes in the sitcom “Phoenix Nights” is set during a pub quiz. Justin Moorhouse’s character, face painted as a tiger from a previous incident with permanent paint, is sat ready for the event to start. He has written upon his arm a number of words. Brian Potter (Peter Kay) asks Moorhouse “What are they?”

“Answers”, retorts Moorhouse.

“But what are the questions?” asks Potter.

“You never know”, responds Moorhouse tapping his nose.

We have all taken exams in the past. I have spent mental energy, in the past, dreaming of schemes to cheat the system. Somehow having access to answers […]

5 Revision Hacks for College Students

I cried during my AS Levels. Revision got to me. I couldn’t hack it and it destroyed my soul. You feel under such pressure to succeed that you want to curl up in a ball and make the whole thing go away. Trouble is, it doesn’t, and it makes you feel worse. I hated revision as my technique was poor. I used to read the textbook from cover to cover, and, whilst doing so, daydream about scoring the winning goal at Old Trafford, or going to Australia backpacking. Turns out, osmosis only applies to water and not knowledge.

I became a revision guru […]

Labour Guarantee Careers Advice to Teenagers

Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt, announced last week that every teenager will receive guaranteed careers advice. Leader Ed Miliband unveiled their plans in London as part of the launch of Labour’s education manifesto. The manifesto outlines their aim to raise standards and increase opportunities for all young people.

Labour plan to revitalise careers advice, which is deemed inadequate for four out of five schools in the UK. Labour’s proposal will cost £50 million, and will be funded through a partnership between universities, schools, colleges, and employers. Labour also plan to build a “gold standard” vocational route through education; this would create a Technical Baccalaureate, compulsory english and maths […]

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