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The Question on Everybody’s Lips – How Do You Make Facebook an Effective Tool for a Small Business?


Social Media is all pervading. It has taken over the way we manage friendships (how do you arrange to meet up without Facebook again?), the way we document our lives (just nipping to the Chemist to buy a Kodak film for my Camera and getting the old film developed – said no one for the past 10 years…) and how we spend our time (if you are ever at a rock concert, look around the crowd and see how many mobiles are lit up….).

At Kloodle, we realise the power of social media. Or well, we have realised the power of […]

A Keynote with Dragons Den’s Piers Linney

In early December, kloodle was fortunate enough to witness a keynote presentation with Dragon’s Den’s own Piers Linney. This was particularly exciting as it was hosted by North West Tonight stalwart Gordon Burns.

Piers has had a more than interesting journey through life, and is especially poignant as it was a true self-made success story. He has come from the relatively innocuous surroundings of Bacup, Lancashire via London Investment banking scene to the heights of his cloud computing company, Outsourcery.

This video explains this journey, and possesses more than just a few golden nuggets of advice for any aspiring entrepreneur. Watch and […]

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