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Employability in HE and Employers’ Involvement

Employability in HE and Employers’ Involvement

HE has traditionally been the realm of the academic elite. Single figure percentages of the population attended. Entrance was determined by stellar academic performance. Graduating from university was a true differentiator. You possessed a qualification the vast majority of the population did not. You could use this qualification to charge a premium in the jobs market.


This is economics 101. The Knowledge Economy required people with university level qualifications. As the supply of graduates was low, degree holders could demand higher wages in return for their services. Once this trend became common knowledge, everyone wanted a piece of the pie. The world and […]

Time to look past the chips and gravy and give more graduates from the North a go.


Katie Jamieson details her frustration as a graduate looking for employment before a PR company took notice of her blog and gave her a chance…

Upon my graduation from Lancaster University in 2010 I returned the rented accommodation,library books and mortar board intact, but the 2:1 and the pocketful of dreams were mine for keeping. Everything was packed into storage and I headed home for Manchester. Despite the comedown from The Best Three Years Of Your Life, I was keen to enter full time employment, but needed to start looking, like most of my friends. In fact, there was only a […]

Kloodle interview – Netsource at Manchester’s Grad fair


We talked to Netsource at the Manchester graduate fair. They wanted to promote their warm and friendly working environment they strive to create for freshly graduated employees. Grad Fairs are a good chance to get a feel for a company as well as put yourself on the radar of these companies by impressing them at their stalls. The opportunities within the company for graduates were mentioned and they talked about the responsibilities and constantly changing roles within your 1st year as a gradaute, you will learn a lot. Adaptability is king! learn more about Netsource and watch the video here…


Kloodle interviews The Co-operative Bank, Manchester Graduate Fair


Their message to students and graduates is that they would like people to consider the Co-op Bank as an employer. One of the largest employers in the North West with a huge range of opportunities in a variety of roles, both temporary and permanent and would really love to hear form more Manchester students. They want to capitalise on Manchester’s wealth of top drawer students and have always valued some typical qualities from Manchester graduates such as their excellent analytical skills.  Interestingly The Co-op are due to launch a new graduate program in the next few weeks and so anyone interested […]

Inspiring young people to “Tell Their Story”

At Kloodle, we don’t just have an interest in employability. We don’t just have an interest in the Education system and look at how it stands currently. We want to invest our time into giving more freedom to young people on their journey’s through Schools, Colleges, Universities, and indeed their lives. Too many young people are strangled, funnelled through systems which create identical candidates at the end of their journey, all ticking identical boxes and too many discarded if they cannot conform to their predefined and strict regime set out for them, irrespective of their unique talents and selling points. […]

You Can’t Escape Your Online Shadow


I read yesterday a fantastic article in the Guardian by Professor Cary Cooper on the subject of your online presence and the impact it can have on your job application. The article gave an insight into the mindset employers adopt when looking online at a candidate’s footprint, and the judgement calls they make about a candidate off the back of a google search.

The article initially demonstrates categorically that google is now THE tool of recruitment. As soon as an application gets to any stage of seriousness, the employer reaches for google and sees what gems about their candidate they can uncover. […]

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