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Time to look past the chips and gravy and give more graduates from the North a go.


Katie Jamieson details her frustration as a graduate looking for employment before a PR company took notice of her blog and gave her a chance…

Upon my graduation from Lancaster University in 2010 I returned the rented accommodation,library books and mortar board intact, but the 2:1 and the pocketful of dreams were mine for keeping. Everything was packed into storage and I headed home for Manchester. Despite the comedown from The Best Three Years Of Your Life, I was keen to enter full time employment, but needed to start looking, like most of my friends. In fact, there was only a […]

Kloodle interviews Majestic at Manchester Graduate Fair

Here Majestic talk about why graduates should want to work for the UK’s largest wine retailer. They typically appoint graduates in trainee management roles, with the view to becoming a fully fledged manager within about 2 years. Entrepreneurial skills therefore are high on their agenda, they look for people who want to be proactive in developing their own skills constantly. Clearly someone who has acheived well at University will be favourably thought of but majestic appreciate what you have done outside of study can be equally as relevant or impressive. You may have got involved in sports, working in a bar, working in retail, all […]

This week at Kloodle. 30/09/2013

Employers will be able to sign up and generate their profiles on kloodle as of this week.

This will allow them to create a basic company profile, update statuses, create blog posts and (all importantly) create job adverts to appear on the kloodle Jobs Board. Students will be able to access their profiles as of next week.

Kloodle Ranking and Search will appear in Beta a short time afterwards, along with news feed and targeted job adverts and push notifications. The KloodleApp will be ready by November 1st.

As these developmental milestones keep rolling in, we ask, as always, for your feedback through […]

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