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Recording Attendance at Events Using Kloodle Badges

Recording Attendance at Events Using Kloodle Badges

Your school or college may run numerous events throughout the year. Attending these events can be demonstrations of student commitment and dedication, as well as their interest in a particular career path. Recording attendance at these events can be tricky. You can now capture event attendance on Kloodle using Badges, as well as reward students for their attendance.

Here’s how.


Create your event


First, create your event by following this tutorial. Title your badge the event name and provide details of the event in your description. Fairly self explanatory.





Get students to register for the event by submitting the badge for review




Students will see the badge in their newsfeed. They can click “Task Complete” to submit the badge for review.

The students will then appear for you to accept or decline their badge. Accepting or declining depends on their attendance.

Sending Reminder Emails

You can send out reminder emails to your students to apply for attendance to the event by: –

  • Clicking on “Admin”
  • Finding the relevant badge
  • Clicking on “View Students”
  • Click “Email Reminder” next to the relevant student’s name.







When you click “Email Reminder”, the button will change colour.






Recording attendance

When you are at the event, you can mark attendance by:

  • Clicking on the badge’s name in your admin panel
  • Marking the badge as complete




You can even mark attendance on your smart phone!




This will award the student a badge on their profile.

You can then see the number of attendees (people who have been awarded the badge) in your Badge Admin Panel.








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