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How to Market Your College Using Kloodle


Your college has a public facing page associated with its account. You can amend this profile and share it with people, as well as providing information about the courses your organisation offers.

To set up your public facing page, log in to the main college administration account: –


Click on the profile menu in the top right hand corner of the screen




You will be presented with the following screen: –



You can upload a profile picture for your organisation by clicking “Upload” in this section. IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU CLICK “SAVE” AT THE BOTTOM OF A SCREEN AFTER YOU SEE THE GREEN TICK WHEN UPLOADING A FILE.




You can also change the background image by repeating the above process in this section.




You can amend the address details of the college by filling in the Address section




You can also provide links to external websites such as your main college website, Twitter page, and Facebook page.




You can set a featured YouTube video as thus: –




Navigate to YouTube and find the video you wish to feature.




Click “Share” underneath the video


Click “Embed” and copy and paste the “src” link, as illustrated below




Paste the link into the Featured Video section




Once you have amended your profile, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

You can then navigate to your college’s public profile by navigating to – for example




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