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The Future of Further Education – Dr Lynne Sedgmore, Executive Director – 157 Group

Dr Lynne Sedgmore - 157 Group

The future of further education is either daunting or exciting, depending on your outlook. Dr Lynne Sedgmore, Executive Director of the 157 Group of colleges, is an eternal optimist. In an environment of funding cuts and increased autonomy, Dr Sedgmore is excited about the prospects for entrepreneurial and innovative FE colleges; well led institutions that are at the forefront of their local community’s skill requirements.

Of course, FE colleges have always been innovators. The requirement to provide first class education to their community is not a modern one: it has always been there. The method by which colleges achieve this changes, due to the landscape of funding presented by the government du jour. Dr Sedgmore discusses these challenges and how FE colleges are overcoming them.

In this podcast, we discuss funding cuts, and how institutions are becoming more entrepreneurial and autonomous to counteract the deficit. We also discuss the partnerships FE colleges form with local employers, how they fulfil the skill requirements of these employers, and how this is evolving into the future. We look at the balance between apprenticeships and university attendance, and how apprenticeships are fast becoming a popular option for young people, returning to the pre “university boom” era. We also look at increased privatisation and what this means for FE institutions.

The episode is packed full of information about the context of FE currently, what the challenges are, and how they are overcoming these challenges. We shed light on the fantastic work the 157 Group is doing on behalf of its members, and discuss how these colleges are pioneering initiatives that are shaping the way further education is heading.

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