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How to Be a Graduate Career Pro with Dr Paul Redmond


This episode of the Kloodle podcast delves into the world of student and graduate employability, with none other than careers expert Dr Paul Redmond.

Dr Redmond was the director of the careers service at the University of Liverpool. His work here turned the service into one of the leading proponents of student and graduate careers advice in the country.

During his time at the university, Dr Redmond penned a number of books, including “The Graduate Jobs Formula”, a book I have read and can thoroughly recommend. His research focussed on demographics and he is an expert in Generation Y.

Dr Redmond is now the Director of Student Life at the University of Manchester.

In this episode, we discuss: –

– Dr Redmond’s career – how he started and how he got to where he is today.

– Careers advice, as outlined in his book “The Graduate Jobs Formula”.

– More in depth careers advice, including interview tips, how to write a great CV, telephone interviews, skills evidence, how to present yourself on social media and much more.

– Tips on how to set the tone for your university career.

You can get an overview of Dr Redmond’s research on generations by watching this YouTube presentation.

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