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A Teacher’s Guide to Tech – Scott Hayden Interview – The Kloodle Podcast

Technology is fast becoming all pervasive in the classroom. From social media to the latest and greatest EdTech products, the use of modern gizmos and computer programmes is creating untold possibilities for teachers, but also a number of headaches. What are the best products out there? What happens if I don’t know how to use them? How do I use social media effectively? How do I prevent leaving myself open to safeguarding issues? All these questions make any foray into the world of technology potentially difficult and stressful.

Scott Hayden is a lecturer in Creative Media Production and Education at Basingstoke College of Technology. We were drawn to Scott after reading an number of his insightful tweets and contributions to Twitter debates (btw plenty of teacher professional development now occurs during these online “chats” – checkout #BETTChat for a tech related one). It was immediately clear that Scott was a passionate practitioner of, first and foremost, teaching, but secondly, the use of technology in the classroom.

Scott has a knack of seeing technology for what it is: a tool that can enhance learning. He has strict criteria that means he only uses products that enhance his students’ learning. A lot of tech can be seen as superfluous and faddish – not in Scott’s classroom.

During this podcast, we discuss Scott’s teaching philosophies as well as some of the practices that allow him to use technology in his classroom. We discuss the potential pitfalls of social media, and how a teacher can protect themselves from any potential issues. We find out what apps are Scott’s favourite, and how services like Periscope are taking his course global. We discover BCoT’s way of helping tech-challenged teachers, and how this alien world is shifting the balance in the student-teacher relationship.

Scott is an incredibly active tweeter and will gladly likely discuss any topic covered in this podcast. Send him a tweet here https://twitter.com/bcotmedia


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