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How to be Successful in Banking – Dylan Williams – Coutts


One of the most popular and well paid graduate career routes is Banking. Banking offers numerous career opportunities, partly due to the massive organisations that offer such roles. As you would expect with anything that’s popular, competition for places on graduate schemes is intense. High calibre individuals, each year, apply in their droves to these schemes, each one competing for a place.

Once a person has been successful in gaining a position with one of these organisations, competition to progress becomes even more intense. The higher up the career ladder you progress, the fewer the opportunities available. To succeed in such an organisation requires intelligence, ability, emotional intelligence and a small dash of luck.

Dylan Williams may, in a few year’s time, be looked upon as an anomaly. People switch careers and organisations with increasing readiness nowadays. The prospect of someone climbing the ladder from entry point to top of the tree dwindles with each passing year. The concept of “portfolio careers” is in vogue. People look for instant progression, as opposed to the perceived incremental improvements to be expected sticking it out with one company.

Dylan has achieved what many today would consider impossible: stayed with a firm from graduation and rose to the top. Such a feat could be considered a dying art, but Dylan is a shining example that persistence, determination and an ability to learn extremely quickly are what it takes to follow this path. Not least, he thinks it is more than possible in today’s firms with the right mindset and attitude.

In this episode of the Kloodle podcast, Dylan speaks about what it took for him to reach this point of success. We speak about his education, the skills he has acquired along the way, and how he managed to circumnavigate the layers of Coutts Bank, one of the oldest banking institutions in the world.

Dylan reveals the value of risk and reward, and how taking the perceived risky option has helped propel his career. We also discuss what skills a young person should be looking to cultivate during their education, and how they can propel themselves to success.

We also discuss the potential career paths a young person can take within Coutts and RBS.

The skills Dylan has cultivated to be successful in his career are an example to young people. There are many lessons in this podcast – we recommend you crack open a notepad! Without further ado, here’s the podcast.

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