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“How can we record the skill development of the students we work with?”

The traditional CV format is becoming less and less relevant for young people looking to enter the world of work for the first time. In an age in which students record their lives via social media, a dynamic employability profile that captures their learning and skill development is more relevant. Kloodle provides students with a profile that better represents their personality and capabilities. Student’s don’t have a career history or a network to draw upon to offer an employer. They have the skills and attitudes you are helping them to develop. Kloodle provides:-

  • A professional profile that showcases a student’s talents, skills and capabilities
  • A shareable version of their profile to interact with employers
  • A portfolio of evidence for their skills that teaches students that the activities they participate in at school develops employability.

“How do we monitor the progress of the students we work with?”

Kloodle provides you with tools to track the development of the young people you work with. Often, the development of a student gets lost when they finish school and move onto the next stage. Kloodle is a living, breathing profile that keeps track of a student’s progress. This allows you to demonstrate to a school or college the value your service has added and the development that has taken place under your guidance, as well as tracking the destination of your students. With Kloodle, you can: –

  • Manage student profiles through groups and projects
  • Collect data regarding a student’s employability
  • Manage content on profiles
  • Visually demonstrate the skill development a student has undertaken.
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“How can we increase employer engagement and record work experience?”

Engaging local employers and providing work experience to the students you work with are of utmost importance. Getting students to engage with these opportunities and tracking and managing this engagement is even more difficult. With Kloodle, you can: –

  • Create profiles for local employers
  • Manage the work experience provisions from these employers
  • Post vacancies to students and accept applications so you can vet profiles before passing them on to employers
  • Record work experience and track hours on student profiles

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