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Kloodle TV Goes Live


Friday sees the launch of kloodle TV – and boy are we excited.

Kloodle TV gives us the opportunity to discuss all things employment – news in the arena, tips and advice that people can use to land their dream job, news about events, questions, answers, interviews, a whole lot of joking around and most importantly, Yerk the Moose’s beer of the week. (Yerk can be found on twitter – @YerkTheMoose.)

We endeavour to make the show as informative as it possibly can be. We appreciate your feedback (constuctive feedback is always best), and desire even more your interaction. If you have any questions or opinions, tweet them to us during the show and we will address the points you make. The show will be at its most fun if we can strike up as many conversations as possible – and ultimately help as many people as possible.

The station can be found at http://kloodle.tv – we hope you can join us!

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Co Founder and CEO of @kloodleUK, the social network for student employability and careers. Part time Matthew Hayden mimic. I am passionate about making a dent in education by embedding employers and employability.

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