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“How can we enable mentors to interact with our students?”

Kloodle’s Mentorship Accounts allow you to: –

Create a separate mentor domain for mentors to sign up to

Enable mentors to create Kloodle Profiles to showcase the path they took

 Connect mentors and students together

“How can we monitor the interaction between mentors and students?”

Kloodle Mentor Accounts enable all interactions to take place in a secure group, meaning you can see all the dialogue that takes place

Kloodle Statistics enables you to see the levels of usage by students and mentors alike

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“How can we engage students in the mentoring process?”

Kloodle allows mentors to set students Tasks

Mentors can award badges on the completion of a task

As students complete more tasks, their Kloodle profile starts to fill up

“How can we attract more mentors?”

Let Kloodle do the leg work! We have access to a number of mentor whom we can connect to your students.


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