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Master the Kloodle Basics

These short videos will have you embedding employability in your school / college in no time

How students can relate their learning to employability skill by uploading evidence to Kloodle

Kloodle’s bread and butter is the recording of evidence of employability. Kloodle helps students to associate activity with the employability skills the activity develops.

How students can make a better, more dynamic CV using Kloodle

We think CVs aren’t great. We much prefer a dynamic portfolio of achievements, experiences and evidence….wait…that’s Kloodle! Anyway – if you need a CV, your Kloodle profile formats into one. But it’s shareable and great. Here’s how it works.

Recording work experience on paper? Here’s a better way.

I had a work experience diary. It was paper. I went to school in 1836. It’s old fashioned. Here’s how you can use Kloodle to a) bring the diary up to date and b) ensure student LEARN from their work experiences.

Want to communicate effectively with students?

Here’s how you can use Kloodle groups to effectively communicate with your students.

How to conduct better 1:1s with students using Kloodle

Here’s how you can tie in the work your students are doing on Kloodle in to your 1:1 process.

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