How it works - Kloodle
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How does Kloodle Work?

Kloodle embeds a culture of skill development within the curriculum. Every aspect of learning and experience that takes place in your organisation is evidence of skill development and can be recorded on Kloodle

The best employees are constantly developing skills. Kloodle records this development throughout education. Students upload content regarding their experiences and tag in the skills these experiences demonstrate.

Students learn to associate their activities with the employability skills they are developing.

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Build a shareable profile that showcases skill and achievement

Students’ Kloodle profile is a portfolio of information that demonstrates a student’s skills and capabilities. The first half of a student’s profile can be used as a CV. The second half of a students profile contains rich information evidencing skill development’.


Kloodle instead of…..


old school paper work experience diaries

Kloodle records student work experience in a dynamic and intuitive way. Students use the Kloodle App to create evidence on the go.

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Instead of your current lo-fi method of posting jobs to students

Kloodle enables you to post job vacancies to your students. They can then log in and apply with their ever-growing profile.


Instead of merits and other reward systems that get forgotten and lost

Create badges to reward students. Demonstrated great teamwork skills? Award a badge. Participated in enrichment? Award a badge!


Instead of forgotten achievements and a mad end-of-year scramble to remember….

Record achievements as they happen. Tag in employability skill and the learning that takes place.


Instead of a static CV builder tool that fails to represent the skills of a student….

Create a shareable, dynamic document that truly represents a student’s skill, achievement and capability


Instead of one time only careers fairs where employers have no follow up or interaction….

Create Kloodle groups and profiles for the employers you work with. Allow employers to interact with students, provide advice and mentorship.

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Instead of using old-fashioned questionnaires to measure skill progression to demonstrate to OFSTED…

Kloodle creates rich data that demonstrates how your students’ skills have progressed over time. You can demonstrate the impact of work experience, skill weeks and events and activities.

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