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Develop and secure high calibre entry level talent

Working in partnership with high schools and colleges around the UK, Kloodle enables employers to identify, engage and interact with students of most relevance to their future entry level resourcing requirements


Working in partnership with High Schools and Colleges around the UK, helping them to embed the principle of employability into the daily curriculum, students learn to identify their skills gaps and, through Kloodle’s skills acquisition framework, they develop key skills which are evidenced on their Kloodle profiles via dynamic uploads and written content.


Employer Branding

With a growing population of over 70,000 students in full time education, Kloodle is the UK’s leading employability platform, used by schools and colleges around the country. With over 10,000 daily logins and an average session time of 12 minutes, Kloodle enables employers introduce their employer brand to students who are proactively developing their employability skills in the classroom

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Kloodle Search

Kloodle Search is designed to support employers to cultivate entry level talent pipelines, based on specific skills. Using Kloodle’s skills framework, students build personal profiles that evidence their development towards work readiness. Kloodle Search identifies students who best match employers’ specified skills criteria, and search results are ranked based on the evidence contained in students’ profiles

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Kloodle Badges

Kloodle Badges represent the framework through which students develop a balanced range of employability skills. Kloodle’s core framework consists of 20 skills criteria which employers can use, along with any bespoke additional skills criteria that an employer may wish to include for their own pipeline

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Kloodle Outreach

Kloodle Outreach programmes provide employers with a cost effective and time efficient method of developing relationships with schools and colleges in geographical areas of most relevance to employers’ specific talent pipeline and community relations requirements. Kloodle Outreach delivers a range of activities including employer promotion events,  student sessions, careers fair attendance,  e-Mentoring and parent events

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Kloodle Analytics

As employers’ talent pipelines develop, it becomes increasingly important to capture key insights that will support and shape future entry level talent acquisition and students’ skills development campaigns. Kloodle Analytics allows employers to measure a range of insights including engagement levels (views, open rates, responses, click through rate), student opinion and pipeline skills analysis

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Kloodle App

The Kloodle app supports and enhances employers’ own outreach activities. Capturing students via the Kloodle app imports students into employers’ pipelines. Students receive skills acquisition support,  helping them to build meaningful and relevant  profiles. Employers engage with students through Kloodle and monitor their progression

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