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How does Kloodle Work for employers?

Kloodle enables you to introduce your employer brand to thousands of 12-18 year old students, throughout the duration of their education journey.

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By showcasing your organisation to the most relevant students whilst they are still in full time education, your future talent pipeline is always developing. Kloodle allows you to find your future stars.

The most employable young talent is that which can evidence a range of skills and traits that are relevant to future employers; here are a few of the skills that employers most frequently want to see evidence of:

Resilience, problem solving, able to think creatively & implement relevant solutions, adaptability, strong communication skills, team player

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Kloodle enables you to feed into this journey and share with students your full range of entry level career opportunities and allows you to articulate what constitutes a great employee.

Students learn about your career opportunities and what it takes to realise them. They, in turn, learn how to identify skills gaps and rectify these, evidencing skills acquisition on their Kloodle profiles.

Create an employer profile to showcase your organisation as a future career destination option and communicate effectively with your future talent

A Kloodle employer profile enables you to build significant employer brand awareness amongst the next generation of talent. Additionally, you can communicate with students on Kloodle, sharing company news and highlighting success stories, as well as promoting and advertising entry level career opportunities.

Talent pipeline your future stars whilst they are still in full-time education.

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Kloodle – the Digital Careers Fair

Your employer profile allows you to develop a range of communication channels between your organisation and students who are interested in learning more about potential career opportunities within your organisation. For example, you may want to create a group to facilitate interaction between your current apprentices and students still in full time education to showcase actual apprenticeship experiences.

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Kloodle – impact the curriculum

Students are building their Kloodle profile day in, day out during their lessons, enrichment, work experience and spare time. Kloodle enables you te reach students during the learning process, impacting curriculum and shaping their learning.


Kloodle – targeted, entry level talent pipelining

Employers can search Kloodle to identify the most relevant entry level talent based on a range of achievements, incorporating academic achievements and evidenced skills acquisition.

As well as showcasing your employer brand to a mass audience, you can can communicate with individual students and make them aware of your organisations’ career opportunities via students’ Kloodle newsfeed.

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Kloodle – supporting informed hiring decisions

We know you want hard workers, team players, problem solvers and great communicators. Do CVs evidence these employability skills? NO! Kloodle student profiles do provide this evidence. Employers have access to proof of student skills via their profiles, evidenced through dynamic content uploads incorporating blogs, vlogs, videos, photos and documents.

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Kloodle – enabling you to partner with the education sector

Kloodle enables employers to engage with education leaders, tutors and students around the country, helping you to source future talent UK wide. Kloodle is a resource efficient way of developing strong partnerships with the education sector.

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Kloodle – making work experience meaningful for all stakeholders

Use your Kloodle employer profile to make applications for work experience opportunities a competitive process. Identify the most relevant candidates for your organisation, record their work experience related skills acquisition and, following on from work experience placements, maintain communication with the best work experience students. Build your talent pipeline proactively.

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