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Viral Marketing – Guest Post by Jo McGrann


Jo McGrann is an Advertising & Brand Management Student at Manchester Metropolitan University. Here is her guest blog describing her experiences with viral marketing, and how the project has augmented her employability skills. Her blog can be found at – take a look!

Before I started University, everyone said to me “your first year at uni doesn’t count towards anything”. However, I found my first year to be very different. As I started studying Advertising and Brand Management at Manchester Metropolitan University I put 100% effort into any project or assignment I worked on. I also met with other girls on my course that all had the same hard-working mentality as me and we always worked together on every group project.

Near to the end of first year when assignments were coming to an end, we were introduced to the tool of viral marketing. We learnt about how they work and how successful they can actually be – this lead to everyone being given the task of created a one minute video of an “unboxing of a Kinder Egg” and the video had to last one minute. We were to create these in groups (I already had my team sorted) then upload them onto YouTube and whoever got the highest views within a week won a prize.
The video of the #KinderCow was born. My group and I already had a joint Twitter account from a previous assignment and we used this to tweet celebrities to attempt to gain more views, we tweeted credible celebrities who may have followers that may be interested in our project. We managed to get almost 1,000 views ourselves before the views rocketed, Lord Alan Sugar retweeted our tweet including the YouTube link to our video. This lead to over 26,000 views in just a matter of days and to this day the number is still rising. We ended up winning the competition and having 2 articles written about what we had achieved. It was exciting for all of us. 

Now I have just finished my second year I realise how important it is to work hard in first year (as well as the second and third), as my accomplishments in my first year still affect me today. The articles are real life proof of things which have happened that I can show employers and say “I was a part of that”. It spurred me on to make sure I always put 100% effort into everything, both inside and outside of University. It also encouraged me to improve my employability as much as I can – leading me to creating my own blog Here I can practise my written skills and showcase my opinions or skills, as competition for jobs is getting more and more competitive it’s so important to do things that make you stand out. Recently I’ve just got myself a placement year and during my interview for the job I was asked about this project. Although it isn’t the only thing which got me the job, it is nice to know there is something that I have done that interests people and makes me stand out from other candidates. It is something I can be proud of to this day. 

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