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Quick Start Guide


Welcome to Kloodle!

Getting started on Kloodle couldn’t be simpler. In order to get up and running as quickly as possible, we recommend the following order of activities: –

1) Sign in to your main administration hub and create accounts for the staff members who will be using Kloodle. You can learn how to do this by watching this video: –


2) Next, staff members will need to create a group for students to sign up to. You can learn how to do this in this video: –


3) Your next step is to sign up your students. You can learn how to do this in this video: –


4) Finally, your students will want to login and start to create their profiles. You can learn how they do this in this video: –

5) If you are using Kloodle as part of a series of lessons on employability, we have provided lesson plans that you can use to create your lessons. These can be accessed at the following links: –

– LESSON 1 – https://support.kloodle.com/?p=48

– LESSON 2 – https://support.kloodle.com/?p=51

– LESSON 3 – https://support.kloodle.com/?p=54

The lessons plans provide an outline of how Kloodle has been successfully introduced at other colleges. The lesson plans serve as a guide and can be tweaked to fit the requirements of your college.

As always, should you have any further queries, please log in to your Kloodle profile and send us a message through the “help” button.

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