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Kloodle features that will help you build a pipeline brimming with talent


Add students to your pipeline based on skills criteria. Student profiles that match your skills criteria are pushed to your pipeline.

Specify a criteria

Select a skills criteria to search by. The students who have best evidenced these skills will be added to your pipeline.


Add students to your pipeline

Students who match these skills are then added to your Kloodle pipeline, ready and waiting for you to interact with.


Interact with student.

Request a student share a profile with you, message the student, set students a challenge – once a student is in your pipeline, you have a number of options to keep that student engaged.



Create activities and challenges designed to engage and educate students. Badges encourage students to demonstrate the skills you value and learn about the career pathways available with your organisation.

Specify a badge criteria

Outline the skills and values you wish to see in order to achieve your badge.


Students work for your badge

Students upload skills evidence to your badge in order to achieve it and have your badge reside on their profile. Kloodle marks badge submissions.


Pushed to your pipeline

Students who achieve your badge are then pushed to your pipeline for you to interact with. You are then able to interact with the people with the best profiles.


Data Capture

Sign students up directly to your pipeline whilst conducting outreach activities. Kloodle then helps students build their profile and stay engaged with you.



Let Kloodle communicate your employer brand to relevant early stage talent. You can use a variety of channels including email, push notifications, in-app messaging, messages pushed to newsfeed and direct messaging.


Send branded email to students on Kloodle.



Message candidates in your Kloodle pipeline to educate them about your available career pathways and your employer brand.


Target the phone of relevant candidates

Send push notifications to members of your pipeline.


Create content to attract interest

Tell students about your employer brand with rich content posted to the newsfeed of students relevant to your company.


Live chat to engage students

Live chat engages students with your brand and enables you to educate, in real time, students who have the potential to join your organisation.



Discover insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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  • 2017

Measure engagement

Measure the engagement with your content.

Measure communication

Discover the effectiveness of your push notifications, emails and live chat on Kloodle.

  • Apprenticeship
  • HE

Survey your target audience

Discover insights from students who’re making careers decisions.

Skills distribution

Visualise the skills distribution of students in your pipeline.

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