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Dieting… it’s so confusing!!

Nutrition is a topic which has come into the press quite a lot recently. In fact upon viewing a specific diet programme with my own dearest father last week on the television, my intrigue grew further. The programme discussed a wide variety of different diets and the possible pros and cons of each of the separate theories. To me, someone who has always kept a very strict eye on my own diet and body shape, a lot of what was discussed was quite obvious and seemed very simple. However, the tweets that followed the programme and the enlightened luck on […]


So is any publicity good publicity??

I’m sure the vast majority of people who read this article have seen or at least aware of the global phenomenon of Neck and Nominate or Neknominate as it is better known. It is thought to have originated in Australia in 2013 with ties to the YouTube hit video “Nek Minute”. The concept of this social media “chain letter” is to down an alcoholic beverage, preferably a pint and command two others to then perform their Neknomination within 24 hours. However, this in some cases has got out of hand with accounts of urine, soap and […]

Mental Health Awareness Week

What is mental health? And why is there a common negative misconception of it?

Mental health problems are actually more common than you think, with one in four people being affected by mental illness every year. That’s why Mental Health Awareness Week has come about. It helps people to know that they’re not alone, it can strengthen relationships between friends, family and colleagues, and it starts to take the taboo out of something that affects us all.

With university exams going ahead, dreadful weather, minimal daylight, a recession with fewer opportunities and the Christmas blues, it is a testing time of the year for […]