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Unfortunately students should worry about finding work after university

Unfortunately students should worry about finding work after university

Mary Curnock Cook has suggested that middle class parents and universities have become “too fixated” with using their degrees to get a job. Whilst there is no arguing that, for those young people who choose the university route, they should be encouraged to study subjects that most engage them, in this age of significant financial implications of higher education, university study choices should always be made with future career aspirations and objectives in mind; future career aspirations should not be the only factor to consider, but should be high up the list.


It is far too simplistic to say that young […]

Young people don’t have enough problems

Well, all right then, young people today do have lots of problems, we don’t mean to trivialise the challenges facing them, but exposure to activities which develop crucial problem solving skills is limited.


The Victorians built the foundations for our education system. The world was a different place back then with different expectations. Employers required vastly different skills than they do today. Consequently, we base tests on rote-learning of facts. We then expect students to regurgitate the facts (otherwise known as ‘GCSEs’) or tackle questions by clumping facts together in a coherent way (known as ‘A levels’). Examiners frame questions to […]

Algorithms should form part of the recruitment process

An algorithm?

To start with, what is an ‘algorithm’, then? Well, it’s a fancy word for a series of steps which are enshrined in a computer programme. At the basic level, an analogy could be a recipe for cooking where the individual steps are set out in order; first, step 1, peel an onion, then, step 2, chop up the onion, then, step 3, put a knob of butter in the pan….you get the picture. The purpose of the algorithm is that it eliminates the reliance on human judgement, it is the computer programme which decides.


Freud’s iceberg

When a human carries out […]

Internships shouldn’t be banned but need to change

In the news


Criticism of internships has been making the news over recent weeks. They are unfair and, if unpaid, should be banned is the general gist. The internship concept was originally implemented to create opportunities for students to explore different career options during their time at university before taking the plunge. It meant that they could spend some of their holidays sampling the work experience at a bank or a newspaper with a view to following the related career path, rather than trekking round remote parts of the world. Add to that, prior to the internet, students typically would know little about […]

The Search For Talent

The Search For Talent

We were really interested to read Laura Noonan’s article in the FT about Deutsche Bank’s new approach to recruitment of graduates for investment banking. Deutsche has decided to use social media channels to ‘hunt out’ the ‘best’ students by scouring through the social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and others, of students at 30 UK colleges they focus on for recruitment. In 2016 they trialled this methodology successfully and identified 250 potential candidates.


What’s significant about this is why they are using this approach. It is clear that the traditional methods of attracting the top talent are not working satisfactorily. The […]

The end of the line for the Bullingdon Club

You must have seen pictures of the Bullingdon Club? If not, have a look at the picture over there. You know, the clique of elite and wealthy students at Oxford, ex-Etonians and the like, who meet in their tailcoats for grand banquets before trashing the restaurant under the chant of “Buller, Buller, Buller…” Worry not, Pater will pick up the bill.


Well, those days are fast coming to an end as Oxford and Cambridge come under increasing pressure to take on more state school kids, kids whose dad doesn’t pick up the bill for the damage, nor the tuition fees. Although […]