3.0 - Kloodle

Kloodle 3.0

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Why the new release?

Over the past few years we have learnt a lot about the way our customers work. We’ve been responsive to features that make customers’ lives easier. We want to organise these new features into a slicker, better Kloodle experience for our users.

What'll be new?

The main changes will be on the back end – how we organise data and store information. We will also look to simplify the user experience of the site and make better work flows for commonly performed tasks on Kloodle. The main activities teachers and students perform on Kloodle will become easier and more intuitive.

Can I get a sneak peek?

Of course! We’d be delighted to get you involved in our testing group. If you want to be a part of this, please send an email request to phill@kloodle.com



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