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A social network for learners, teachers and employers. We embed a culture of employability throughout education and connect employers with future talent

How it Works

How Kloodle works

1. We discuss training and implementation requirements

Kloodle is best used as part of the culture of a school, college or university. We discuss how your organisation is set up and help determine the best way to implement Kloodle. We then provide the requisite staff training, as well as resources to ensure successful implementation. This includes liaising with SLT, curriculum staff, careers staff and senior tutors.

2. Students sign up to Kloodle

Students then create their account on Kloodle. We create a specific domain for your institution. Students sign up to this domain. This domain enables your staff to manage groups, content posted to Kloodle, monitor student progression, and measure engagement.

3. Students start to build their profiles throughout the academic year and beyond by recording achievement

The crux of Kloodle is the evidencing of skills. Students add to their profile throughout the year by uploading blogs, photos, videos and documents. This content records student achievement and helps them to stand out from the crowd. Kloodle celebrates the achievements and progress a student makes throughout their education.

4. Staff use Kloodle to promote employability, wider development, and a love of learning

Each lesson helps develop some aspect of a student’s employability. Kloodle allows staff to highlight this development and capture learning so a student is able to share with a future employer.

Staff use Kloodle to facilitate student 1:1s, create action plans, use groups to interact with students and post content to pique interest. Employability is developed throughout a students course.

5. Work experience and career opportunities are managed through Kloodle

Students can record their work experience on Kloodle. They do this by posting blogs, photos, videos and documents whilst on the job, creating a dynamic record.

Your careers department can manage the opportunities you receive by posting them on Kloodle, allowing your students to search vacancies and apply using their profile.

6. Students keep their profiles upon finishing with your organisation

Kloodle stays with a student for as long as they keep it updated. This allows your organisation to collect destination data, as well as create alumni groups of students who can offer your current students help and advice. A true collaborative community is created.

1. We determine your requirements

We are passionate about finding the best young people for your organisation. We discuss your requirements at length and help create a roadmap for using Kloodle successfully. This includes the relevant staff training and account management provision. We help keep your profile buzzing and a great place for students to find out about your fantastic opportunities.

2. We help build your profile and opportunity posts

Your Kloodle profile is your shop window. We help build an effective profile so that students can find out as much information as possible about your organisation and help you attract the best candidates for your opportunities.

3. Your staff make the best mentors

We will also help your existing apprentices, graduates and entry level people create Kloodle profiles. We have found that current students relate well to peers who are one or two years ahead in their employment journey. We help your staff build profiles and become ambassadors for your company, answering questions and helping potential future stars.

4. Interact with students on Kloodle

The best employers help students with their career journey. Kloodle allows you to create groups, content such as blogs, photos and videos and job information pages. You can then interact with students by posting comments, answering questions and getting involved in dialogue. We’ll even help you run a webinar!

5. Search for your future stars

Students are building their profiles on a daily basis. The best profiles are rich in blogs, photos, videos and documents – all of which are designed to showcase a student’s talents and capabilities. You can search through these profiles and find the best candidates for your opportunities.

6. Attract applications for your opportunities

By posting your vacancies to Kloodle, your opportunity becomes fully searchable by the students building profiles on Kloodle, as well as visitors to our Jobs Board. You can accept applications via a person’s profile, or redirect them to your own site. Vacancies are targeted, on Kloodle, to the candidates with relevant backgrounds to your requirements. This increases the number of relevant applications you receive.

Our Pricing


Free Trial1 Half Term Free Trial

  • 6 Weeks Free Trial
  • Features as per paid account
  • Unlimited Student Numbers
  • Kloodle Support
  • Staff Training


£3per student per annum

  • Organisation Profile
  • Teacher Profiles
  • Management Groups
  • Control Dashboard
  • Jobs board
  • Application management
  • Work experience recording
  • Destination data
  • Staff training


£150per opportunity

  • Fully searchable opportunity advertisement
  • Accept applications through Kloodle


£500per month

  • Branded profile page
  • 3 vacancies
  • Applications through Kloodle
  • Account manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries about Kloodle answered.

What age group is Kloodle for?

We believe the best profiles are cultivated over  long period of time, so the sooner a student can start the better. We’re currently in high schools with students in Year 7 creating profiles, as well as sixth form and university students. We believe employability and success is a long game. A student is building up their skills on a daily basis. The sooner a student starts to capture these achievements and skill development the better. By the time a student is ready for getting a job, they will have built up a fantastic profile that enables them to stand out from the crowd.

Do students get a CV version of their profile?

Kloodle profiles have a “print” option which formats a student’s profile like a CV. They also get a link that they can share with employers. This directs employers back to a student’s profile.

How will Kloodle help me find a job?

There are a number of ways Kloodle can help. Firstly, a student’s profile is a great advert for their skills and capabilities. Sharing this profile with any employer will help sell the student more effectively. Students can share their profile vis the special link to their profile.

Secondly, schools, colleges, and universities can post opportunities to Kloodle. These opportunities are fully searchable, enabling students to find them and apply.

Finally, in September 2016, Kloodle is releasing external employer profiles. These companies will post vacancies, interact with students, answer questions and provide help.

What about safeguarding and data protection?

We take these two very seriously and work closely with every organisation on Kloodle to ensure the safety of our users and their data. You can find out more here about our data protection and safeguarding.

Can students evidence their work experience through Kloodle?

Absolutely. Work experience is a separate section on a students profile. Whilst on work experience, a student can upload content and attach it to their work experience, creating a living log. Students can also record the number of hours spent on work experience.

How does privacy work on Kloodle?

As an organisation, you have ultimate control over the privacy of your students’ profiles. You are able to set your whole cohort to “private” which locks down each student profile from being visible by employers. Conversely, keeping your students’ profiles open allows external employers to see their profiles.

Does Kloodle integrate with existing college software?

We do not currently support single sign on, or integrate with Moodle. We have Kloodle buttons that can be posted to your VLE to redirect back to Kloodle. We are working on authenticating users with Google and Microsoft email accounts to make signing into Kloodle easier.

Does Kloodle help with OFSTED?

Our management facilities provide easy-to-print version of work experience postings, student progression wheel, engagement statistics and student content. These are easy to share with OFSTED and help show your students skill development, participation in enrichment and engagement with work experience programmes.

Do students pay for their profile once they finish here?

No. Students can carry on with their profiles for free.

How do students interact with my vacancy?

Kloodle is being used by students throughout their studies to record their employability skills. Whilst using the platform, students are able to follow organisations, interact with their posts, join groups, connect with current employees and ask questions. They are also able to search for vacancies, as well as receive vacancies in their newsfeed. These vacancies are also actively pushed to the newsfeeds of students who fit your criteria.

Can I search for students?

You can indeed with the “Unlimited” account. Arrange a call with us by clicking the button below and we’ll get you started.

Can I accept applications through Kloodle?

As students are building their profiles throughout their studies by posting content that represents their skills, we think their Kloodle profile is a far better representation of them as an individual. By accepting applications through Kloodle, you will have access to a student’s profile and all the rich and varied information it contains. This will help you select better candidates for your organisation by viewing what a student is actually capable of.

What about safeguarding and data protection?

We take these two very seriously and work closely with every organisation on Kloodle to ensure the safety of our users and their data. You can find out more here about our data protection and safeguarding.

Do you help with the sourcing of candidates?

Absolutely. We want to help you source and select the best possible candidates for your opportunities. We work closely with schools, colleges and universities to ensure that students are producing great profiles and are therefore well placed to help you source the best candidates.

We would love to chat more and discuss your requirements. We can then plan for how we’ll help you secure the best candidates.

How many schools and colleges are you working with?

We are currently working with over 50 schools and colleges spread around the country. For more information about which colleges we’re working with in your area, please click the speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner and ask away.

Does Kloodle integrate with social media management software?

Not currently. We are working on this. Your Kloodle account manager will help you to post content o your profile so your efforts are seamlessly integrated with your work on other social media channels. Please get in touch for more info.

How can I best engage students on Kloodle?

We’re glad you as. Students are thirsty for information about their futures. The best organisations post content to help young people find out about their opportunities. “A Day in The Life” post, a short explanatory videos or regular work day photos are all engaging pieces of content.

Also, we encourage organisations to equip existing employees with a profile. That way, students can see the journey they need to take to get a role with your organisation. Also, existing employees can manage groups on Kloodle, responding to queries and helping out potential future stars.

Where did the name come from?

Made up word. 1000s of attempts, some terrible, some worse. Wish the story was better….If you can make up something exciting we’d love to hear it! hello@kloodle.com

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Student Profiles

Kloodle allows students to create their own Kloodle profile that tells the story of their academic and extra-curricular journey, recording the skills they develop along the way.

Organisation Profiles

Academic institutions and Employers create Kloodle profiles. This allows them to post content, information and interact with students on Kloodle. Our community of organisations creates a network of “open source” careers advice.

Social Networking

One key attribute of Kloodle is the interaction between users. Students can engage with their school, college or university, their teachers, each other and potential future employers. Kloodle facilitates a culture of employability; a culture which enables students to benefit from a community of people passionate about launching future careers.

Statistics, Management & Destination Data

Kloodle’s Stats Suite provides key management information and insight into student engagement, behaviour, progression and destination. Employers are able to measure engagement with their employer brand and  career opportunities.

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