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Kloodle translates your students’ educational experiences into the skills employers look for.

It’s the easier, more engaging way to record work experience, employability skill development, enrichment and academic achievement.


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“How can we record activities students undertake, such as work experience?”

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"Kloodle is a great platform for our students to develop all aspects of their employability skills. It is very effective in demonstrating the skills that students have gained in class and through different opportunities on their course. Kloodle empowers our students to help them achieve their full potential and demonstrate this to employers and universities "

Rebecca Bates, Learning Manager, City of Liverpool College

“How can students learn to relate their learning activities with the skills they’re developing?”

"The College provides an outstanding service to students in supporting them throughout their time at College, with a focus on their personal and economic well-being to prepare them for career and progression planning. "

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"Kloodle has been instrumental in enabling the College to embed our employability and progression strategy. Complementing the tutorial programme and providing a platform for students to create, log and evidence their activities and skill development in a professional and effective way"

- Laura Wakefield, Employability Co-ordinator, Farnborough Sixth Form

“Will this help us with Ofsted?”

"Learners understand how their education and training equip them with the behaviours and attitudes necessary for success in the future as reflected by the excellent employability skills they acquire and the achievement of relevant additional qualifications"

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"The above extract from the OFSTED FE and Skills inspection handbook outlines the importance of being able to demonstrate how educational institutions emphasise employability skills within their study programmes. As a college that offers mainly Level 3 A level courses- providing meaningful work experience and developing these important employability skills with our students has often been a challenge."

"Kloodle enables us to reinforce the importance of employability skills with our students by embedding it within our pastoral tutorial programme and revisiting it during designated skills weeks throughout the academic year within curriculum areas. It also allows the student to record paid work activities outside of college and can act as a useful reminder of maintaining balance between this and their academic studies. The design of Kloodle provides a social platform that young people are readily willing to engage with and ensures that employability skills are regularly visited throughout their time at college."

- Alison Hallworth, Vice Principal, Holy Cross College


“Can this help students with their career?”

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"At Jardine Motors Group we look for people who demonstrate our core values of Judgement, Ownership, Leadership, Integrity and Passion. Kloodle provides us with a platform to clearly identify talented people who have evidenced how they bring these value to life"

- Bradley Burgoyne, Jardine Motors Group

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Driving educational change.

We’re changing the way education judges student achievement and capability. The best future employees are continuous learners, hard workers, inquisitive and contribute to the world around them. Kloodle captures students’ ability to do this and enables them to tell their story more effectively than a grade on a piece of paper ever could.

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